How To Ward off Skin Complaints While Working Out

Are you a “Fitness-Freak”!

I am sure many of you are. And why not, after all fitness is something which is valued highest by us all in our lives. The ways of achieving fitness are different, as some join gymnasiums; some prefer doing exercises at home and walks etc. And the levels of satisfactions derived from these activities are individualistic. For the young guys having a muscular body to charm girls is their fitness motivation… Just pulling your leg all you guys out there.

Ward off Skin Complaints While Working OutVery good, in fact you all deserve a big round of applause from my side. Doing our bit in keeping ourselves healthy is really commendable. But my concern is much more and serious. It’s regarding the threat of skin infections we all tend to get while different work out sessions. We almost fail to realize the extent of the risk of getting all types of skin infections by some negligence which we make.

Sources of Infections:-

How many of you all wash your hands with a good anti- bacterial soap after and before using the gym equipments, bring your own clean mats for the floor exercises, carry shower flip-flops (so that you don’t move barefooted) and use your own towels, razors, water bottles and bar soaps? If anyone out of you all has a negative answer to all these questions then my friend I am sorry to say but you yourself are inviting so many skin infections to hamper your well being.

Our skin is made up of three layers and it acts as a guard to fight different pathogens aiming to deter our skin. So we are supposed to be well aware regarding different preventive measures which we should take in order to fight back those germ attacks. Skin infections can be very serious if not taken proper care of in its initial stage.

Skin infections you are most susceptible to while a work-out session:-

  • Fungal-Infections: –   Fungus develops in damp places, now be it a place, a thing or your body part. Though fungus can infect any part of your skin, but some typical skin infections caused by fungus are “Athlete’s Foot”, “Jock Itch” , “Ringworm “and yeast infections. Their characteristic features are persistent itching sensation, eruptions on the skin, flaking of the skin.
  • Bacterial Skin Infections: –  These include bacteria’s such as “E.Coli”, “Klebsiella”, and “Staphylococcus Aureus”. The shared surface cardio machines, weights, water fountain, mats, locker rooms, shared towels and razors, skin-to-skin contact, tainted gym surfaces; these all are good conductors of all these bacteria. Symptoms are cramps, diarrhea, and urinary tract infections.
  • Viral Infections: –Human Papillomavirus”, it’s transmitted owing to barefooted walking in the bathrooms and showers. The symptoms are genital warts, menstrual issues in females.

These infections are dangerous indeed, but fear not my friends. I have a complete range of anti-infection protectants for you all.

6 Top Protectants to save you from skin infections owing to work-out sessions:-

  • Body Wipes: – These are for the athletes who cannot hit the shower in between games.
  • Equipment Sprays: – Anti infection sprays you can always spray before you start using machines in a gym.
  • Shower Gels: – Use some best quality anti-fungal and anti-bacterial shower gel.
  • Bar Soaps: – Try and use clinically proven best soaps.
  • Mat Cleaners: – Go for an effective mat cleaner if you are up for doing the floor exercises.
  • Laundry Treatment: – Use best disinfectants for your dirty clothes.

A wide range of clinically proven and effective anti-infection brands are available in markets like “Defense Products” and many more.

So friends choose the best, and be at rest…