Choose Your Gym Soap Wisely!

People often spend oodles of time on choosing a hotel room where they may not stay for long, but not even half of it while choosing a gym. Gym selection demands time and attention as this is one place where they spend money and valuable time of their life in enhancing their strength and looks for sports or otherwise.

Choose Your Gym Soap Wisely!This goes without saying that a place where you spend the most important hours of your day should be neat and clean. But equally important is personal hygiene. Before embarking on how to ward off skin complaints while working out, let us learn about the risks involved while working out in gym.

First off, the key harbors of infectious agents. These are listed as under:

  • The work-out equipments drenched in sweat carry harmful bacteria that may enter your skin and cause discomfort and hence some local infection.
  • Some people do not dry themselves in the shower room and move around dripping water habitually. This wets the surface making room for infection.
  • The gym bagtoo carrieshell lot of germs. Yes it is true. Ask yourself, when did you last wash your bag? Sweaty shirts and shorts remain stashed in it for long hours. In addition, the bags are exposed to all types of germ-laden surfaces in the gym.
  • The bacteria and viruses love warm and moist environment which is provided by the locker rooms and shower rooms. These places are frequented by many people periodically. Skin infections are the most common type of infections feared at such places. The most commonly feared are boils and impetigo besides cellulitis, ringworm and herpes simplex.

Cleanliness is vital as community acquired skin infections are heard every now and then. Remember, even if the gym is clean, there might be some infected person roaming around from whom you may get the infection. Some of these may be carriers of infection showing no symptoms at all. So, do not get duped as skin infections are highly communicable.

How to deal with it

Health enthusiasts hunt for the best equipments provided by the gym and neglect the cleanliness part which is equivalent to committing suicide. Clean environment promotes good health.

The best way to deal with this is…precaution, precaution and precaution. There is absolutely no cure better than precaution.

Personal hygiene is of utmost importance in addition to having neat and clean surroundings. Skin being the first line of defense against all types of infections and diseases should be taken care off properly. Take a gander at the following points:

  • Stay alert. Check the equipments before using them. Are they smelling bad? Avoid using such equipment and demand sanitization immediately.
  • Gym bags should be washed as frequently as we wash our clothes. Dirty germ bags may spread the infection. Keep your sweaty clothes in a separate mesh pouches or sealable plastic bags in the bag. Either make use of disinfectant wipes or wash them once every week.
  • Use a good shower caddy. A shower caddy is a bag made of mesh with separate compartments for shampoo, gym soap, shave cream, razor and anything else which you may need in the shower.
  • Personal hygiene and soap are indispensable.Use separate shower soap, preferably an antibacterial soap. The best antibacterial soap promotes hygiene and is must for people who indulge in outdoor activities regularly and sweat a lot. Also, they should carry their own shaving cream and razor.
  • Avoid gym if suffering from any skin infection. The infection may get transmitted even if precautions are taken. Do not cause discomfort to other people. Skin infections can get fatal especially the MRSA.
  • If you are diagnosed with a fungal infection (be it athletes’ foot, foot fungus or ringworm). Use an antifungal soap. Take all the necessary precautions such as

o   Dry yourself properly before leaving the shower room

o   Use an antifungal powder

o   Take care of your shoes as well

o   Wear sweat clothes.

o   It would be better, if you stay away from gym for some time till fully recovered

o   Wear fresh clothes after every shower

Such precautions become even more important for people who play sports like wrestling, basketball or football where two players get in skin-to-skin contact with each other. The infection may get transmitted in addition to causing huge pain and discomfort. For instance during a face-off, a minor abrasion on one players skin may get in touch with the sweat of the other players sweat, this may result in the development of a skin infection.

Therefore before joining a gym,

  • Learn about the policies of the gym like disinfecting and cleaning of the showers and how often do they do it?
  • Also, an etiquette that everyone should practice: always leave the shower room and locker room as you found them.
  • Always carry Defense Soap with you to the gym.

Check all the aforementioned requirements before joining a gym and enjoy your workout regimen.