Natural Remedies for Unwanted Skin Tags

I am sure “skin tag” also known as acrochordon is not a new term for many people. They are annoying and embarrassing, especially for those people for whom skin tags appear frequently. A visit to a specialist or spending money on tag removing soap and creams can be annoying troublesome as well as costly. Though skin tags are harmless, small, soft skin growths but nobody wants to have them on the eyelids, neck, armpits and groin folds or under breasts. Thankfully following six natural skin tag removal are there to take care of your unwanted skin growth.

Natural Remedies for Unwanted Skin Tags Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the best and most recommended natural cures for skin tags. Few drops of this essential oil will cause your skin tag to gradually fall off. This oil can be used directly on the tag area for maximum 10 days to see the results. You can get rid of the skin tags easily and quickly with this natural remedy.

• Banana Peel

Who can think of banana peel for treating skin tags, but you will be amazed how amazingly it works on them. This home remedy is effective and simple to use. Using a small piece of banana peel on the skin tag during nights will clear away it within few days. For making it stick to the skin, cover the affected area and peel with an adhesive bandage.

• Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Juice is another surprising relief from skin tags. You can destroy skin tags and even warts just by placing few drops of pineapple juice with the help of cotton dab on the affected area. Repeat the process for twice or thrice each day for around 10 days without rinsing it off, this makes the skin tag to fade away.

• Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are unbelievable gift of nature that holds powerful vigorous antioxidants. It can be taken internally before having breakfast. You need to put the seeds in water overnight and drink this water in the morning. Ingesting more than 100 gm each day can be harmful.

• Castor Oil

This incredible home remedy to get rid of skin tag can be taken orally as well. If you want to use this salve externally, mix it well with a small amount of baking soda to make a thick paste of both ingredients. Few drops of citrus oil will be worth adding to make it stinky and handy.

• Garlic

Garlic is not just a vegetable rather it can be used to cure many health issues and skin tags are one of them. It will give you a pleasant relief by erasing the tag completely. Apply some of crushed garlic juice onto the tags and cover with a bandage. Do not keep the same bandage for a full day.

Beside these options, make some efforts by changing your lifestyle. You need to cut down the intake of excess sugar, decrease the intake of fat made from animal oils, have a balanced diet comprising of fruits & veggies and apply proper hygiene with a natural soap.

These natural solutions for skin tags are worth considering as they will not cause irritation. Remember every remedy take time to show the desired results so having patience will be best for you.