Five Bathing Pet Peeves To Avoid

There are few simple bathing pet peeves that we didn’t even know we were making could be striping our skin of oils, screw up our skin’s pH balance. It might also make our skin dry, tight, itchy and sometimes leaves redness. Below we give you an insight on five such very everyday bathing mistakes and how to avoid them:

Five Bathing Pet Peeves To Avoid

  • Taking Long and Hot Bath

Some people love to start day with exotic long and hot showers, not knowing it strip the skin of its natural oils. They can also boost skin itching even in people who do not even have eczema. At the same time there’s no gain to running cold water in the shower for too long. So keep your shower time precise and the warmth to lukewarm.

  • Using Regular Shower Gels or Soap

There are no aids of using regular shower gels and soaps. Some soap variety can have a pH of up to 9. This only makes skin dry, tight and exposed to problems. At the same time using a soap that fulfills your skin requirements is important, for this there are a wide range of soaps like anti fungal soaps, antibacterial soaps, moisturizing soaps, acne soaps etc.

  • Not Washing Soap Bubbles Completely

Harsh chemicals in soaps and bathing products when left on the skin can be annoying and harmful for your delicate skin. So if you are using a soap that is not gentle, not properly rinsing soap off can cause skin irritation and dryness. But, gentle bathing soaps do not harm your skin even if you forget to rinse it off your body at busy morning.

  • Using Rough Towel-Drying

Maintaining the skin’s moisture is an essential part after every bath. Remember that your skin was in constant contact with water while showering, which quickly evaporates leaving behind skin. Gently pat skin with a towel to resist irritation and apply a moisturizer soon after.

  • Not Moisturizing Immediately After Your Shower

After a ordinary shower, you have four minutes before your skin starts losing necessary moisture. To prevent dry, crackly, irritated skin, store a body lotion in your shower and apply all over while skin is still soggy.