Skin Hygiene is Essential for Wrestlers

Wrestling is one of the sports that involves high rate of skin contact between individuals. This brings wrestling at higher risk of spreading and getting skin infections like fungal skin infection antibacterial skin infections. Mostly infection take place through skin-to-skin contact, but may also occur with sharing objects such as clothes, footwear and soap. Wrestlers must keep a close eye on any suspicious lesion before each practice, training or competition. If an infection is found the wrestler should be advice to visit a medical expert for treatment.

The best method of limiting the skin disease is prevention. Several hygiene practices have been suggested and include showering immediately after practice, wearing laundered clothes daily, and avoiding shared equipments. Bathing with best anti fungal and antiviral soap has proven defense against these skin pathogens. Coaches, fans, players and wrestling writers are doing their efforts to promote skin hygiene on social media. Below are a list of Tweets done in same concern.