5 Fungal Infections You Need to Understand

Fungal infections are very popular among different communities, including athletes. A sports person must get proper insight in possible skin infections. It mostly upset skin, hair and nails in human. What makes these skin diseases more troublesome is rashes that it cause. Other common signs includes itchy, scaly, dry, red patch that grow in size with time. Now let’s discuss five such skin fungal infections that every individual should be aware of in everyday life:

Fungal Infections1 Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is known as tinea pedis in medical term. Studies says only in USA one out of five individuals have athlete’s foot. This skin condition is caused by a fungi which survive in warm and moist part of skin e.g. between your fingers. The infection results into itchy, flaky and red skin areas. In few cases it might lead to white cracks between toes or on the edge of your foot.

2 Jock itch

Jock itch gets its this name because of the fact that it is common in communities involved in sweaty activities e.g. athletes. It also is more likely to occur in people who are overweight. In medical terms we know jock itch as tinea cruris. It is an another fungal infection of skin that influence the groin part and inner thighs of your body. Jock itch causes itchy, red rashes in these warm, moist areas.

3 Tinea corporis

Tinea corporis is well known as ringworm of the body. This contagious fungal infection often affects exposed parts of your body, (such as your arms, legs or face). It causes red, ring-shaped rash over the skin. An healthy person can get the infection just by coming into contact with already infected person or touching contaminated items. Your pets can also host the fungi that brings unpleasant ringworm. Know how to stay clear of ringworm.

4 Tinea capitis

Other terms used for tinea capitis is ringworm of the scalp. This fungal infection affect people of all ages. It can affect any part of your scalp but you usually get patches of it. Symptoms can be similar to those of ringworm on your groin and body. Your scalp will become scaly and feel itchy. In the mean time you may suffer from hair fall and bald areas but this generally come back once the infection has been treated.

5 Intertrigo

Few fungal skin infections are caused by yeast. One of such skin concerns is intertrigo caused by the yeast Candida albicans. An individual can get this infection in the folds of skin, where your skin rubs together and cause chafing. Infected person’s skin may appear red or can start to break down in few circumstances.

Prevention at first stage is easy as compare of treatment. It is essential to follow good hygiene habits to be safe. Remember you always have choices to reduce your risk of getting or spreading a fungal skin infection.