Make-up Hygiene Should NOT be Ignored

Make-up HygieneEvery women loves applying makeup, even if you are an athlete. You will never enjoy applying your make-up in dirty conditions. When it comes to make-up, I think most women are a culprit of dirty make-up sponges and old bacteria filled mascara. We are so particular about our skin care routine yet we use make-up sponges that are not clean to apply our make-up over a lovely fresh skin. Cleaning your entire kit twice a month is recommended. You must have heard this advice from your grandmother too, but it holds utmost relevance when it comes to applying your makeup. Keep an extra bar of natural soap in your hand bag for on-the-go makeup. Following are few things that you need to consider:

  • Purchase non-comedogenic make-up.
  • Wear the least amount of make-up you can. All make-up can cause pimples.
  • Never share cosmetic products.
  • Clean make-up brushes and replace sponges regularly.